No doubt, if you love winter recreation, you've probably packed up the skis, boards, or taken advantage of the tubing at Bogus Basin.  It seems even more of us are this year.

Business has been booming during the Bogus Presidents Day sale for season passes for next season.  The Statesman reports that it was up 10 percent from last year.

Bogus maintained the existing $299 price for adult passes for those who existing pass holders, but the price for those who didn't have one last season went up too $329. The change in the pricing structure has been implemented to give returning pass-holders an incentive instead of intermittent or bi-annual purchases.

The response seems stronger already too, as total sales topped 17,500.  This season, there are around 20,000 pass-holders, and Bogus operators expect to eclipse that number for next season by around 5000.

This has been an unusually great year for the snow pack at Bogus.  With a base of around 85 inches, they are planning to have a 100-inch base party before the season ends in mid-April.

For more, check out the article from the Idaho Statesman.

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