In one case, a family left their boat overnight and by morning, it was no longer floating. It was laying on the ground.

That's pretty much a wrap on summer for boaters at Lucky Peak Lake. The water levels are dropping by more than two feet per day and it's happening so quick that while you may be able to get your boat into the water, it may not come out on to your trailer as easily as it went in. KTVB reported on two different boats that were stuck on land; one that just ended up on land and one that's way above the water line; both will probably end up needing a crane or some expensive way of getting them retrieved and beyond that, likely some pretty expensive repairs. Check out KTVB's report on the water level situation at Lucky Peak Lake.

In this unusually dry summer, it's been necessary for the reservoir to drain much quicker than usual as while there is a drought in Idaho, crops still need to be watered, neighborhoods still need to be landscaped, and unfortunately, boating fun-time ends up at the bottom of the priorities list. Typically, the water levels aren't this low until the end of October so it's quite a bit early this year. Hopefully we'll have a very wet winter to fill the lake back up; snowy mountains and full rivers would definitely help this situation and then hopefully next year, a little less drought-like weather and that extra precipitation will keep the fun going further into the year.

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