The remaining moments of summer break are ticking away in the Treasure Valley! Whether you have kids or not, back-to-school season is about to change your daily routine. 

Class is back in session for Boise, Caldwell and West Ada Schools on Wednesday, August 16. Nampa heads back on Thursday, August 17. Kuna gets a little bit longer to enjoy their summer break (and Western Idaho Fair.) They’ll start class on Thursday, August 24. 

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For parents, that means resuming the routine of laying out clothes the night before, making sure everyone is tucked in by bedtime, getting up early to pack lunches, preparing breakfast, keeping the kids on time so that they don’t miss the bus and probably a dozen other tasks we’ve overlooked. 

Inside Creative House
Inside Creative House

For the rest of us, the childless adults and empty nesters, it means sharing the roads with school busses, obeying school zone speed limits and being extra careful around school crosswalks have rejoined our morning routine. All of those come with their own set of rules that you may have forgotten about over the last three months. Failing to follow those rules can be quite costly! 

That’s why as the new school year kicks off, we’re giving you a refresher course on those rules. The first day of school can be chaotic enough as it is, so we’ve built you a quick and easy “cliffnotes” style guide to get you caught up on the laws and penalties for breaking them. 

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