Since we moved in together almost three years ago, this has been an ongoing fight between my husband and I. 

Normally in May, the high temperature hovers around 72.  It's been well above that the last few days and we'll get one more day in the 80s before the next storm system comes through to drop the temps by almost 30 degrees. That's fantastic if your sub-division pool is open, but not so much if you and your significant other don't agree on what temp the air outside has to hit before you turn on the air conditioning inside.

When I was younger, our family's air conditioner took a dump.  I can't remember how many months or years my dad left it broken but it felt like we used the big belt fan in the upstairs hallway as our main way to cool the house for eternity.  It was hot, we got sweaty...but did we die? Nope!

Surviving those hot summers is probably why as an adult, I don't want to turn the AC on until it hits at least 90 outside.  My husband wants to turn it on as soon as he sees 80 in the forecast, even if doesn't hit 80. As you can imagine, we've been arguing about it for days and he keeps using our red wine collection as an excuse to turn it on so the wine doesn't go bad.

For the record, the World Health Organization says the ideal room temp is 64 which seems awfully chilly to me!

What say you guys?  When is it hot enough for you to turn on the AC in your home?

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