Oh, how I love the Thin Mints!

But I've noticed something about Girl Scout cookie sales around the Treasure Valley, and maybe you have too.  Are the moms of Scouts doing all the work?

I was a Girl Scout once, and never really had big cookie sales success - to random strangers anyway.  I was able to coerce my family into buying about a dozen boxes every year and we pigged out on those for months.  I did go door-to-door on a few Sunday afternoons and sold a few boxes, but looking back I probably wasn't aggressive or innovative enough with my cookie-peddling approach. But my mom let me try to figure it out, and pushed me out there and made me do the sales work myself.  She drove me around the neighborhood, but never asked anyone to buy cookies on my behalf.

How much mom-involvement is too much?

Sometimes a mom of a scout takes the sign-up sheet to work and plops it n the table in the break room, hoping co-workers will sign up.  Other times I've seen moms drop sales hints on Facebook and ask for private messages for those interested in buying.  And just yesterday I saw a mom in a mini-van, with "GIRL SCOUT COOKIES HERE!" painted all over the back window and the sides.

When moms help out, is it a really lucky Scout, or an over-zealous mom? It's great that moms and daughters can work together, but do you think moms are doing too much of the work?

For info on booth sales around Boise, check out the Silver Sage Council's website HERE.

Regardless, the Tagalongs are delicious!

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