We Hope Boise Girl Scouts Will Have The New Secret Cookie
Girl Scouts have a new cookie flavor coming in 2019 that will feed our cookie addiction in a whole new way. Thin Mints are usually #1 in popularity, but a curious new addition will be sweet, salty, and chewy, and probably just as irresistible as the others. Start practicing your willpower now.
Boise Girl Scouts Will Offer Cookies Online Soon
Girl Scouts will be selling cookies soon at Treasure Valley grocery stores, and online.
The Silver Sage council is on the list of Girl Scouts offering online sales this year, which makes it way too easy to over-indulge, but oh well!  It only happens once a year.
Young Mogul's Business Went Viral For Other Reasons
At 9-years old, "Mr. Cory" is the CEO of a cookie company that has gone viral on Instagram. What started with selling hot chocolate to raise money to help his mom buy a car, has turned into a full-fledged cookie business that is THIRIVING. The cookies aren't the center of atte…