We reported last week that Costco is introducing a new food item to their menu and in-store food courts, and the new addition was officially added to the menu Monday, January 8th. But are there new concerns of the product causing customers to have upset stomachs?

Let's jump in! The all new Giant Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie, priced at $2.49, is now available at Costco stores nationwide, however, a recent report from All Recipes suggests that the sweet treat might come with an unexpected side effect – what some are humorously calling "tummy achy juice."

According to All Recipes, there were reviews of the new cookie flowing in on Reddit in the /Costco forum, and one user said, "10/10 taste, 1/10 tummy achy juice."

Customers all over the country were really excited to try this new cookie at Costco, and most would say it is absolutely delicious. However, The cookie has triggered speculation about its high-fat and high-sugar composition, with some users suggesting there might be almost an entire stick of butter in each cookie.

Even before the official launch, we knew the cookie would have 750-800 calories. This is a very large treat, and it's inevitable that there will be various responses among consumers.

As Boise area welcomes the new addition to its local Costco stores, residents are left wondering if the cookie is a worthy replacement for the beloved churro that has now been discontinued. Whether it's worth the risk of "tummy achy juice" remains to be seen here locally, but in the meantime, I guess our advice to you is to eat responsibly and at your own risk, knowing that this is a delicious, calorie-loaded treat.

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