I don't even know how it's possible, but my kiddo is 8 year-old, and he just seems to keep growing up so fast.  Every week there's a new achievement.  This weekend, we mowed. 

Yep.  WE mowed.

He had very little interest in being a part of the mowing even a few months ago, but has shown more curiosity the last few times.  This time, I said, "why don't you help me out and do part of it?"  He said, "ok, but I want to do it all by myself."

That proved to be just a little more difficult than he anticipated, so together, we did the first few passes, and then, I stepped away.  He looked quickly back, and then seemed to be determined to make it work on his own.  He made it work.  He did his passes.

I was simultaneously proud and a little sad.  How does it go so fast?  I love seeing him grow, achieve, and experience new things.   I just can't believe he mowed the lawn this weekend.

We took advantage of the amazing weather and freshly mowed lawn afterward too.

Connell - Backyard Sports

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