As someone that grew up doing theater, it's exciting to see small, community theater coming back in the Treasure Valley. The COVID-19 Pandemic crushed small theaters all over the country. However, Boise's support has managed to help them through to the other side of the crisis.

This weekend, Boise Little Theatre will reopen with William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. If you've ever seen a production at Boise Little Theatre, you will see some noticeable changes since you last visited. First, they are doing "pod seating" for their current run of shows. That means that when you purchase your seats, it will automatically take the seats around your group off the market to maintain safe distances. Another change is that the seats that you will be sitting on are brand new. The old seats were removed about two weeks ago, and the theater gave them away to anyone that could pick them up. They made for a great keepsake for someone who had either performed there or spent many hours in them as a fan. You may also notice that the air is cleaner as a new air filtration system was installed in April.

According to the digital program for this weekend's performance, the upcoming schedule for Boise Little Theater productions includes Heathers: The Musical in October and Matilda The Musical for the Holiday season.

With new seats, new actors, a bunch of renovations, and genuine excitement, this weekend marks the opening of the 74th Season.

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