We like to talk about Idaho like it's a secret. We want our state's greatness to be something that few people know about, because if everyone knew what we knew, we'd be overrun with people who want to move here. As evidenced by all of the out of state license plates and the local real estate market, I'm sorry to say that the secret is out.
While more and more people seem to be moving to the Treasure Valley, this secret that we thought we had, wasn't really a secret after all. In fact, the Gem State has been the subject of songs going back decades. As early as the 60's, famous artists have loved and sang songs about Idaho. The following is a list of five songs representing the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, and 10's. We're still waiting for the great Idaho song of the 10's.

The Sixties - Idaho by The Four Seasons
With lyrics that talk about cows and grandma's cooking, the song touches on some of Idaho's more stereotypical features. Frankie Valli's vocals are so good that we don't even really care what he says and long as he pronounces Idaho correctly.

The Seventies - What's My Name by Lynyrd Skynyrd
This is by far the most successful song that mentions Idaho. The song may not even be about Idaho, but Boise gets a shout-out, so we're in! The follow up single to "Free Bird" peaked at #13 mentions the Treasure Valley in the opening line.

The Eighties - Private Idaho by the B-52's
The band known for Love Shack did have a few other hits. This wasn't one of them, but this song from their 1980 album Wild Planet may have been the movie's inspiration with the same title. Gus Van Sant has said he was listening to this song when he was visiting the state. He used it as the film's theme song 11 years later.

The Nineties - Idaho by The BoDeans
The band was more of a one-hit-wonder. The song wasn't that hit. The song will always be known as the fifth track of the album, Go Slow Down. Go Slow Down's significance is that it contained the most prominent hit that the band ever had, Closer To Free, the theme song to Party of Five.

The Two Thousands - Idaho by Train
The band even performed at Boise Music Festival. From their album called Train, this song has cheesy lyrics and a sound that is very much the opposite of what we've come to know Train for.

The Two Thousand Tens - Idaho by The Gorrilaz
Everyone's second favorite cartoon band (Josie and the Pussycats is first) released this song two years ago, talking about Idaho's beauty. Not a hit, but a popular band with a song about Idaho that is what put this song on the list.


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