There are many reasons to walk along the Boise River Greenbelt. It's beautiful, great exercise, and along the way, there are many opportunities to learn about Boise and history. One of the highlights of the greenbelt is the Idaho Fish and Game MK Nature Center.

I've lived in places all over the country, and to have a nature center like this in the middle of the city is rare. To have a nature center like this that is entirely free is even rarer. If you've never been, you should. They have places to see animals like deer wander in and out and plenty of places to see fish. The sturgeon pond is by far the highlight of the MK Nature Center and the one thing that every visitor talks about when they leave.

People visit the MK Nature Center from all over. Trip Advisor calls it the #14 thing to do in Boise and gives it 4.5 stars. Yelp also gives it 4.5 stars, and Google gives it 4.8.

Last week, as I was visiting the nature center, I noticed a place to take pictures for what they call a "chronolog."  You can use a stand to stabilize your phone and take a picture of the pond. You email your image, and it becomes part of the time-lapse that is entirely powered by visitors of the park. There are pictures on the chronolog from the past year, and you can see the way the sturgeon pond through all four seasons. The nature center uses these images to monitor the pond. To see the chronolog, click HERE.

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