If Trix are for kids, then Adele, by contrast, may just be for adults.

A group of kids recently weighed in on the record-breaking singer in "Kids React To Adele," which involved screenings of "Hello" and "Rolling In The Deep" before a subsequent Q&A. In the video above, the singer leaves a pretty wide range of impressions on the test's subjects — some say she's perfect, while others prefer hip-hop — but none can deny the "serious" and "emotional" quality of her voice...even if one boy seems sure she's actually Kelly Clarkson.

A choice sampling of sentiments in favor of Adele: 

"Her facial expressions are so strong."

"This lady is so dramatic! And, yet, such a good singer."

"Compared to other singers, she can really, really sing."

A choice sampling of sentiments...not so in favor of Adele:

"My mom likes this song but I don't. I hear it on the radio every single day."

"Are you wearing, like, a Chewbacca costume?"

"I'm more into, like, 1930s jazz."

When all is said and done, only five say they prefer Adele to other contemporary artists, while six like her less than her peers. In a final defense of her appeal, though, one tester notes:

"Most music these days is 'booty, booty, booty, booty, booty,' and I don't really care about booties!"

Watch the full video above (for harsh proof that liking Adele might indicate you're over the hill).

Get the real Adele look with "Kiss + Makeup" by Courtney Act: