Two years ago, Ethan Couch, was given probation for killing 4 people in an auto crash. He not only caused the crash, but was drunk and only 16. He got probation by his lawyer using the defense of "Aaffluenza."  Aaffluenza happens in someone who is brought up in an affluent family and is spoiled to the point they haven't had to answer for anything wrong they've done.

Couch's probation officer tried to reach him after a video of Ethan at a party consuming alcohol was leaked on Facebook. Ethan could face going to prison for 10 years for not only drinking alcohol but also not being in contact with his probation officer.

Both Ethan and his mom are missing.  Ethan lives with his mom and his parents are very wealthy.  Authorities think the two of them are in hiding and may have fled the country, especially since they have enough money to live where they want for the rest of their lives.

Go into the posts and take a good look, they may be headed our way. For some reason wanted idiots come here thinking we are a bunch of rubes.

Leave your comments below, if I start in this blog may never end.

Kevin Mee

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