How often have we watched a true crime story where a spouse orders a hit man to kill their partner? Now fiction has become fact, according to the Nampa Police Department. In a strange twist of fate, the Nampa Police Department received a message from a man stating that his wife was looking to hire someone to give him the dirt nap. In other words, she was looking to hire a killer to end his life.

Perhaps you think the allegations involve young lovers watching too many Netflix shows? Could it all be a misunderstanding by the Nampa Police Department? In this case, the victim and the suspect are certainly not kids; they are in their fifties or late fifties.

Here's what we know according to the Nampa Police Department's release.
After the Nampa Police Department was notified about the allegation of murder for hire, they set up a meeting with the alleged victim's wife and now suspect, Hsiang Jung Chen, who is 57 years old. They met with Chen with the help of a third party, and after the meeting, Nampa Detectives took her into custody.

She is now residing in the Canyon County Jail, which is overcrowded, awaiting her court date. She is charged with one count of Criminal Solicitation to Commit First-Degree Murder (Idaho Code 18-2001(F)). We do not have anymore information on the husband at this time.

In other news this week, the Nampa Police have been busy lately fighting crime.

Suspects are innocent till proven guilty, and we will continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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