Brenda and I want to take you on a date night.  Friday morning we will be giving you the chance to join us for an evening of romantic music from the Boise Philharmonic and dinner at Smoky Mountain Pizza and Pasta. This is for you and a friend and we will give two pairs away.

At 8:30 we will play "Bring Your A Game" for the chance to win, so make sure you come by Liteonline to find out the catagory of the A game.  With "Bring Your A Game," you must be the 7th caller when we tell you to call in at 8:30, then you will have 7 seconds to name three things that start with the letter A to win.  But the three things have to be from our daily category and you will only find that in Brenda's blog.

We will also give you a chance to join us through Facebook.  So, in the morning get online and check out both places.  For that matter just click on the links below, put them in your favorites and you will be ready.

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