There is no doubt that this Christmas is going to very different from years past. Usually, you have your family, extended family and some friends all in one pl0ace. This year, it will just be your close family, and you might even be doing temperature checks at the front door.

Smaller gatherings may not be the only thing that's different about this year. Many family Christmas traditions will be gone, replaced by time in front of the TV watching movies, playing new game systems, or scrolling Facebook and Instagram. There are benefits to the smaller Christmas. Besides reducing your risk of getting COVID, you also reduce the stress that comes with in-laws. You don't have to worry about your uncle saying something creepy, and your niece and nephew that drive you crazy because your brother doesn't discipline will stay at their house, breaking their things instead of yours.

Instead of the giant feast that usually accompanies a major holiday, my family dinner will be pretty small. We might even eat on the couch while we watch TV. For the first time as an adult, Christmas this year sounds relaxing. As it turns out, dinner in front of the TV is going to be common this year.

According to, a website that keeps you up to date on soap operas, 47% of Idahoans will have the TV on during their Christmas dinner. They also say that this year's small gathering will cut down on nearly 90% of family arguments. Another difference this year is that most people are spending more on themselves than ever before.

To read the entire study, click HERE.

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