All United States Postal Service offices and buildings are closed today in observance of Columbus Day. Although the buildings themselves are open but only partially. Individuals can still go in and get their mail if they use a United States Postal Service PO Box. The computer with the scale that you can use to purchase postage for letters and small to medium packages is still accessible as is the letter and small package drop box. No personal -at least none that you can see from the open area- is there. Columbus day is a government recognized holiday, therefore government employees including US Postal Service workers should have the day off.

Downtown Boise Post Office, Photo by Nikki West

I ran in to the Post Office in downtown Boise on 13th and Shoreline drive near the Boise River. I parked on the side and walked up and went in, there was no alarm going off when I first entered. I walked up near the front to where the package drop off was and pulled down on the handle. Full, it was full and not opening and of course the main lobby are is blocked off.

As I gave a slightly frustrated grump and started to turn back to the door with my packages, the fire alarm started going off. There was only me and one other man who walked in directly before me who was checking his PO box.

Downtown Boise Post Office inside, PO Box, Photo by Nikki West

A little startled I looked around to see if anyone else was there. He and I just kind of looked at each other since he was already done grabbing his mail and walking to the door. I didn't smell any smoke or anything that seemed off but with everything blocked off I could only see maybe 20% of the entire building.

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

As I walked out still with my unsent package, another man was walking up to check his PO box. As we passed each other on the sidewalk I said "The fire alarm just started going off in there." He had a look of surprise and then said, "wow, that's weird."

Downtown Boise Post Office, Photo by Nikki West

Super weird. I truly hope that there was no real fire and this was a random test or an error and that everyone's mail and packages are safe. If there is something that happened I truly hope no one in the back was injured if there was anyone. I didn't stick around to see if there was a real fire. I know well enough from fire alarm issues in my office building that the fire crews would alerted and on their way no matter what. I will keep you updated if I hear or see anything else that comes out of this possible fire at the Downtown Boise Post Office.

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