On Monday, the Bergeson family had a beautiful, playful little 4th grader that was doing things like asking mom for cookies, messing up her room, and climbing trees in the backyard.  The last thing led to an accident that has now ultimately taken her life.

I originally saw this story on East Idaho News who has been in constant contact with the Bergeson family.  Shaylyn Bergeson and her family live in Salem, Idaho which is just north of Rexburg.  When Shaylyn fell out of her tree on Monday her head was impaled by a sharp piece of rebar.  After fighting for her life for three days Shaylyn has taken that step to be with God and is no longer with us.

Shaylyn's mother had this to say after her passing last night around 8:45...

Shaylyn passed away at 8:45 p.m. very comfortably and quickly, which is important in order to perform what is called a circulatory death organ transplant. Our baby was able to save four lives and someone’s vision. The transplant team was able to retrieve her liver, kidneys, heart valves and corneas. We again are overwhelmed with how blessed we truly are and although we are completely devastated, we are also so proud and overjoyed for those five individuals who are getting a phone call with the answer to a prayer they have been desperately asking for is now possible.

In death, this little girl is giving in the BIGGEST way possible and this wasn't just some decision her parents made.  Check out the following quote from Shayln's mom...

A couple of months ago Shaylyn, Tristan, and I had a conversation about organ donations. She without a blink of an eye said she wanted to donate everything she could. Our angel has just always been the sweetest, kindest, and most selfless lil girl her entire life. Unfortunately, God placed the desire for us to have that organ conversation on my heart for a reason. We are currently working with the transplant to make sure she can bless as many lives as possible through this horrific tragedy.

My heart absolutely breaks for this family.  I'm in tears thinking about this little girl and her story and I absolutely believe that it was God's work that this family had this conversation just months prior to this horrible accident.

Credit: Jesi Bergeson
Credit: Jesi Bergeson

I feel that Granger Smith said it best when he and his wife recently lost their 3-year-old in a pool accident.  He said that he doesn't focus on what River could have been or would have been because God never intended for him to be that.  God intended for River to be here on this earth for three years and Granger, along with his wife and the rest of their family were the lucky ones to get to spend that three years with him.

Shaylyn, like River was more than the rest of us.  She was better.  She was special in a way that we can't understand.  Her family was so fortunate to have nine beautiful years with her.  It doesn't mean that they don't need to mourn.  It doesn't mean that they can't be sad or mad or completely insane with what's going on but I'm so happy that they got nine beautiful years with this girl.  I'm happy for the five people that will now either get life or get a better life because of this girl.  I hope that each of them appreciates and thinks and honors this little girl for the rest of their lives.  Shaylyn, you're a hero.  You're a miracle.  Thank you for your pure kindness and love.  Thank you.

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