Wolves have been back in Idaho since the mid-90s, but we're still not known for being a state that supports this wildlife species.  Wanna help change our bad reputation?

I really tried hard to let my mind turn to goo on vacation and totally relax and not learn a darned thing, but it didn't work very well.  While I was in Colorado last week I learned that Idaho gets an F for its inability to support wolf populations.

I went to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide, CO last week because my 11-year old daughter is obsessed with wolves and wanted to see them up close, and it was truly fascinating to see them move through their habitat with their mates.  These creatures weren't scary at all, and in fact, some of them came trotting right up to the fence when the tour guide called them by name and got a meaty treat just like a pet dog would.  I know they're hunters that can rip things to shreds, but I was more in awe of them than afraid.

Wolves were reintroduced to central Idaho in 1995 and 1996, and I'm well aware that it can be a controversial subject.  Main prey for wolves there are elk, moose, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and beaver.

Wolves in Idaho were removed from the list of endangered species in 2011, and there are conservation plans in place.  The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center works on wolf conservation and wants wolf populations to expand across the country, and that's why they're rating states on how well they're doing.  Idaho isn't a wolf-friendly state right now, according to the Wolf and Wildlife Center.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media
Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

The largest wolf populations right now are in small patches in the northern U.S. including Idaho, but we get an F for not protecting them.  Again, controversial.  I'll let you talk it out, and I'll just sit back and watch and support my kiddo wherever her wolf love takes her.

Regardless of your stance on wolves, a trip to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center to see them up close truly is impressive.  There is even a group howl at the end of the tour, with humans starting it and the wolves ending it.  Maybe we can all get along after all.

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