Nobody likes to see flashing blue and red lights in their rearview mirror, but if you commit a moving violation there's always a chance that someone is watching when you do it. 

Depending on how serious the violation is, you could be putting your driving privileges at risk. When you're convicted of a moving violation, points are added to your license. If you accumulate enough of them in a given time period, your license can be suspended. In Idaho, that threshold level is 12 points in any 12 months.

Point penalties in Idaho include:

  • 12-17 in any 12 Months: 30-Day Suspension
  • 18-23 in any 24 Months: 90-Day Suspension
  • 24+ in any 36 Months: 6-Month Suspension

In Idaho, points stay on your license for three years. ITD will send those approaching those totals a warning letter as a courtesy. Those hoping to have points removed before three years may have the option of taking a one-time defensive drive course or traffic safety education course.

car in pursuit

The DDC takes up to three points off. The TSC is offered and has to be accepted while you're being cited. It will remove the number of points you got for that citation from your license. No matter which type of course you take, you can only do it once every three years.

According to ITD getting your license back could cost anywhere from $25-$285.

Which moving violations can rack up points the quickest? The following violations can lead to four points, the maximum number of points per citation, being added to your license.

9 Moving Violations That Do the Most Damage to Your Idaho Driving Record

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, these are the 9 moving violations that can lead to 4 points being added onto your license.

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