We came into 2020 with high hopes and expectations for Cinco De Mayo.

Going into New Year's Eve, how many times did you see friends share the graphic breaking down how perfectly holidays lined-up with the best days for us to celebrate? Valentine's Day and Christmas on Fridays, 4th of July and Halloween on Saturdays, New Year's setting us up for a 3-day weekend...and of course Cinco De Mayo falling on Taco Tuesday.

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Unfortunately coronavirus is preventing us from dining in at our favorite Treasure Valley Mexican restaurants, stuffing our faces full of tacos and washing them down with our favorite margaritas. Luckily, many of these restaurants are offering margaritas for curbside to go pick-up. (In 2019, that would've sounded insane and questionably legal, right? But 2020's already super weird and we're not going to question it.)

Here's some places that we know are offering margaritas to-go for the holiday! If you know others, feel free to leave a comment and share your knowledge.

Click the restaurant name to see more. Many of them are also offering Cinco De Mayo food specials. 

  • House, Pineapple and Jalapeno margaritas through pick-up window
  • Mesa Margarita to Go: $10
  • Many margarita to go options available
  • Cinco De Mayo Special: 4 margaritas, 4 tequila shots for $50
  • Cinco De Drink Bucket: 2 margaritas, six Mexican style beers, umbrellas, straws and chips & salsa from Tin Roof Tacos $27
  • 16 oz Cinco De Mayo Margarita in eight 8 flavors: $5.95
  • 24 oz Margarita Cup in eight flavors: $9.45
  • Cinco De Mayo Special: 4 House Lime Margaritas for $25
  • Cinco De Mayo Special: $5 margaritas
  • 12 oz margaritas: $8
  • Cinco De Mayo Special: Buy one margarita, get one $1.95
  • Cinco De Mayo Speical: $3 House Lime Margarita

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