Memorial Day Weekend is almost here and that marks the unofficial start of summer in the Treasure Valley! 

That's why you're starting to see some wickedly creative pool and river floats pop up all over the Treasure Valley!  These fun summer water toys have really come a long way since Taylor Swift's now infamous "Swan Goals" photo she posted of her and then boyfriend, Calvin Harris, lounging on an inflatable swan in 2015.

I'm a sucker for all of the unique new designs and that's exactly why you'll find a group of 30 somethings lounging on a 9 foot tall Flamingo float on Payette Lake during my bachelorette weekend. Yes, one of my bridesmaids actually shelled out the cash to make this a reality!

Are you looking to up your family's float game in 2018? Check out these five outrageous floats that you and/or your kiddos can enjoy at Quinn's Pond, Payette Lake and beyond this summer!

Image via Amazon/Sun Pleasure

This isn't just any flamingo float! It can carry six adults and comes with six built in cup holders, platform and cooler! It reportedly inflates in 20 minutes or less, but we haven't taken our out of the box yet so I can't confirm that.

Image via Amazon, D8

He's just a little fishy looking for a red haired mermaid to be his best friend! This one is sure to be a hit with your Disney loving child and all the friends they'll make at the pond or HOA pool!

Image via Amazon, Kololo

Why go the traditional unicorn route when you can relax on the unicorn of the sea, a narwhal? This float fits one child or adult and blows up in less than 5 minutes with an air mattress pump or hair dryer!

Image via Amazon, Big Mouth Inc

As seen on the Today Show, Good Morning America and The View, this is the original taco pool float! It's over 5' wide so it can comfortable fit an adult.  In my world tacos are an actual food group so I'm all about this one!

Image via Amazon, US Pool Supply

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I actually own this float.  My marathon coach bought it for me because during one of our long runs I was trying to figure out the name of an Italian restaurant where my church bought their lasagna.  All I could remember was that there was a C, U, P and I in the name so it came out "Cupi De Puppi" (pronounced Coopy De Poopy.) It turned out I was trying to think of Cucina di Paolo on Vista...but the inside joke stuck. Anyway, kids love the poo emoji for some reason and this one is guaranteed to be a conversation piece anywhere you take it.