With the Idaho Job & Career Fair coming to the Nampa Civic Center this week, I wanted to share some questions that you should be asking in every interview or recruiting conversation.

(The career fair is January 20th from 10:00am-2:00pm.)

First and foremost, before we get into the questions, I wanted to share some fast advice that has really helped me in my job interviews over the years.

Remember, you’re interviewing them just as much as they're interviewing you. Not only is this a great tactic to help you be more conversational, but it’s also going to help you decide if you want to work there. You don’t want to work somewhere you hate, right? You want to make sure it’s a great fit! So, interview them as if they’re applying to be your employer, and make sure this opportunity is a good fit for the both of you.

Okay, here are 5 impressive interview questions, and be sure to keep scrolling for 5 Things to Help You Impress Any Employer :)

5 Impressive Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Interview

5 Things to Help You Impress Any Employer

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