We love the Easter Bunny! You know, except when he has our kids wound up on a sugar high and they don't show any signs of slowing down!

In our Facebook conversation about Easter baskets, I learned some valuable information about how we celebrate in the Treasure Valley! First of all, the Easter Bunny is a life long friend.  When asked "at what age do you stop making them for your kids," an over whelming number of you say that if your kids still enjoy getting them and actually use what's inside them, you have no problem putting them together clear into their 20s.

Second of all, Easter baskets in the Treasure Valley are about a lot more than jelly beans, chocolate eggs and marshmallow chicks.  Many of you said that you fill your baskets with practical, non-candy gifts and trinkets.  Others admitted that they haven't even thought about buying the goodies for their baskets yet, even though Easter's just a few days away!

If you're one of those parents, check out these easy to fill, non-candy options inspired by our listeners and their family traditions!

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    Ready for Summer Basket

    Inspired by Susan Z.

    We're barely through Spring Break so we don't want to rush things, but the kiddos summer vacation will be here before you know it! Whether they love spending time floating the river, at the community pool or splashing down the slides at Roaring Springs, they'll go crazy for this themed basket! Fill it with flip-flops, a new beach towel and a new float for the the pool or river!

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    Outdoor Fun Basket

    Inspired by Tonya L.

    Tonya's mini just got a new scooter and a long board for his birthday, so she's piling his basket full of other goodies he can play with while he's out exploring the neighborhood.  Load a basket like this up with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes and water balloons!

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    Beauty Basket

    Inspired by Natashe M.

    When the kids reach an age where they don't get super excited about jelly beans and Reese's eggs, you can keep the Easter magic alive with a basket similar to what Natashe puts together for her 17 year-old daughter.  Fill a basket like this with their favorite make-up, fun jewelry, hair accessories, nail polish and more.

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    Dinner and a Movie Basket

    Inspired by DonDena A.

    DonDena's kiddos are 14, 19, 21 and 25 so this is a perfect basket for any of them! To make a basket like this, grab some microwave popcorn, DVD or Blu-Ray of a favorite movie, gift card to their favorite restaurant (if you're including tickets to Village Cinema, we highly recommend one for the Backstage Bistro at the theater) and movie tickets!

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    Sports Basket

    Inspired by Melissa W.

    Melissa's got a 14-year old playing soccer so she's filling her basket with all the essentials she needs to kick off the new season in style.  This specific basket includes cleats, shin guards and running shorts, but you could totally re-tool your version of it to include whatever your kiddo needs for their sport!