I'm guilty of this and I have a hunch you are too.   When someone gives you a compliment do you immediately fire back with several comments to contradict those nice words.  For instance does any of this sound familiar?

 "Your hair looks amazing today!"  - "Yeah, but my ends are super dry and I don't like the way the color looks...."
"Cute skirt/top/pants/dress/outfit!"  - "This old thing?  I dug it out of the back of my closet and it's got a stain on it that I kinda hope nobody can see."
"You look fantastic!  You've got to share your diet & workout secrets with me!"  -  "I've lost a few pounds but I have a long way to go and my butt is still so flabby...and look at these arms!"
I'm not sure why we feel it's our responsibility to meet a smile and a compliment with a list of negative comments about ourselves.

challenge for you.   Today when someone compliments you...just smile and say, "Thank You."  You will feel better about yourself and you won't leave the people who complimented you looking bewildered and feeling weird that they were just trying to say something positive to you.

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