Confession #! - I hate getting my picture taken.  I always feel goofy and awkward.  If I can hide in the crowd or be the person snapping the pictures then I'm a happy camper.  But these days everyone is busy snapping pictures with all kinds of devices and instagramming, facebooking and texting the pics within milliseconds of when they were taken.  Gone are the days of tearing up the pictures you don't want anyone to see or hiding the negatives.

Confession #2 - I admitted to Kevin this morning on 107.9 Lite FM that I haven't ever watched all three of the original Star Wars movies.  I've seen chunks of the movies here and there and I'm vaguely aware of the basic story line, but any movie quotes or references are lost on me.

So now that I've fessed up to a couple of things I have resolved to #1 make peace with the fact that I can't hide from cameras anymore (they're everywhere!) and accept the fact that every picture can't be perfect.

As far as Confession #2 goes:  I will agree to a Star Wars marathon as long as he agrees to stock up on Orville Redenbacher's buttery microwave popcorn and strawberry cheesecake (with the buttery crust!) and agrees to give me a nice foot massage.  Of course all of this will be while we're watching Luke and Hans Solo chase/run/shoot at Darth Vader.  However, I draw the line at the bronze bikini thing...I refuse to dress up like Princess Leia but I will put my hair in two cinnamon roll braid buns above each ear.  However, I have a hunch I'll have to utilize the "force" to smile at the camera for the inevitable picture that will be snapped only to show up on Facebook moments later.


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