Whether the price difference is ten cents or a dollar, there are some things that you'll just pay the higher price for. 

Even when I was a poor college student and every cent mattered, there were certain things I just couldn't buy the generic brand of. Most notably? Ketchup. Don't give me Signature Select. Don't give me Great Value. Hunt's? Hunt's is just a prettier poser. I've been a Heinz girl since birth.

...or at least I thought. A few years ago a new ketchup entered my heart (ok, more literally, my stomach.) When now defunct "The Tailgate" opened in the former Cheerleaders space on Ann Morrison Park Drive, they didn't serve Heinz ketchup. They didn't serve Hunt's either. Instead they brought us a bottle with the letters "MFT" large and in charge on the label. I'd never heard of that brand before.

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Turns out MFT is short for My Family Tradition and it's a gourmet ketchup born right here in Boise. The company was the brain child of Scott Tharp who took a family recipe and not only created ketchup out of it but has developed a whole line of sauces, glazes and seasonings. His likeness is the "Uncle Scotty" cartoon you see when you pick-up the bottle somewhere like the fancy Albertsons on Broadway or at the market. (That's where hubby and I actually met Uncle Scotty in the flesh! We love his work and was just a little bit starstruck.)

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So needless to say, I'll choose another ketchup over Heinz if it's MFT. Chicken fingers and fries have simply become a vehicle to get more of the unique ketchup into my belly! It's not generic at all!

But exceptions can't be made for all products! We polled our listeners and asked which product you'll NEVER buy the generic version of and here's what you had to say!

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