It's called the 'California Stop.' Well, this ain't California, and it's totally illegal in Boise.

When you see a STOP sign in Boise, they aren't optional. When you see one of those giant red octagons, you don't get the choice to casually slow down then proceed at your leisure. You have to come to a full stop. Slowing down then rolling through a stop sign has been nicknamed "the California Stop," and it's happening more and more in and around Boise.

The problem is especially rampant in downtown Boise, particularly at South Bown Way and East Riverwalk Drive. On average, that intersection sees almost 7,000 vehicles a day pass through, and studies show that less than half of all vehicles make an actual full stop at the stop sign.

Reminder: It's illegal to not come to a full stop at any stop sign. While the "California Stop" may sound cool and trendy, it'll land you a cool and trendy ticket if you're caught.


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