Idaho gets a lot of attention for a few controversial dating laws, and one that tries to limit PDA to 18 minutes doesn't really exist.  But there's another one that could get you in trouble.

I'll admit that one of my favorite dating app success stories involved a good bit of PDA and it was so darn much fun.  We would go out for a happy hour and kiss under a streetlight when it got dark, and I remember being so caught up in the butterflies of the moment that I had no idea if there were any other people around or if the sun was shining or the stars were out or what day it was because the moment was too good to think about anything else.

Don't you hate PDA-blind people like that?!  Yes!  Unless you're the one in the midst of it and then you're so concerned with falling in love that you don't mind being a little awkward.  I guess love really is blind.

There are a few websites that claim kissing someone in public for longer than 18 minutes means the couple is breaking an Idaho law.  That law doesn't really exist, according to KTVB.  And that's probably good, because who wants to get out the smartphone stopwatch and hit start before you go in for that first kiss or be clocked by a couple on the next picnic blanket at an outdoor music fest.

There's also an Idaho statute says adultery is illegal and that means sex before marriage is banned, and this one is still on the books.  It's a law that has been around since 1920, but we haven't heard of anyone ending up in court over it, have you?  Sometimes the fourth person speeding gets the ticket when the radar gun is out and it doesn't mean they were the only ones going too fast.  Hmm.  The adultery law could have an impact on divorce settlements and alimony awards, according to

Now back to the workday, where we'll get no actual work done because we're going to be talking about this all afternoon with co-workers.  And maybe with our dates later on at happy hour.

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