STOP! Don't toss all that squishy stuff you scooped out of your pumpkin! There's some very cute reptiles that would be happy to eat it for you. 

If you've been to Canyon County Kids Expo, you're no doubt familiar with our friend Tyler and all of his animal friends from Reptile Adventures. Earlier this week, he tagged us in an Instagram post that taught us something we didn't know about the animals that live at their rescue and education center in Nampa!

Apparently pumpkins are a food that their tortoises and iguanas look forward to all year.  That's why Reptile Adventures is asking for pumpkin donations from the public. If you have extra pumpkins that you had to pick before that hard frost came in a few weeks ago, scrap pieces from the pumpkins you carved with your family, a jack-o-lantern that came out just too embarrassing to put on your stoop or the guts that you scooped out inside them, Reptile Adventures is happy to take it all from you to feed their animals.

If you plan on carving this weekend, but can't make it out to Nampa the same day, you can preserve your pumpkin guts by putting them in a Ziploc bag and refrigerating them until you can make the trip out.

You can find Reptile Adventures at 2930 Port St. Unit D in Nampa.

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