I asked our Facebook followers about the best "only in Idaho" destinations to take my family this summer. I had identified Shoshone Falls, Thousand Springs, and Craters of the Moon. The feedback from our Facebook family was excellent! Some of the suggestions: Malad Gorge and the Perrine Bridge, City of Rocks, Balanced Rock, Bruneau Sand Dunes Observatory, Galena Summit, Red Fish Lake, Kootenai International Scenic Byway, and more. I haven't researched all of these places yet, but I'm definitely interested in visiting many of them. It made me think of playing a game called "Would You Rather: Idaho Vacation Edition." I will give you two options, and you tell me which place you'd rather visit and why. Today's destinations are ghost towns taken directly from Facebook comments regarding my article.

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Would you rather visit Silver City or Idaho City?

Silver City


Silver City was booming in the 1880's thanks to gold and silver mining. At its peak, there were more than 250 mines in operation. Today, there are only four businesses left, including the Idaho Hotel, that hasn't been updated very much in the past 100 years. It is a two-hour drive headed southwest from Boise, mostly on Silver City Road.

Idaho City

Photo: Mikster via YouTube

Only an hour from Boise, Idaho City is packed with history. At one time, this was the largest city in the Northwest, even bigger than Portland. Over 7,000 people once called it home, including 4,000 Chinese immigrants who worked as miners, laundrymen, and cooks. Now, people travel to Idaho City for hiking, camping, shopping, museums, and restaurants.

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