If we asked the Idaho Department of Transportation what roads were the worst in the snow, they'd probably give us a different answer. We wanted an unbiased answer. We want the truth about the worst roads to drive in after or during a snowstorm.

A lot could g into your answer. If you don't drive very far every day, your perception of the roads will be quite different than someone who drives from Caldwell to Boise to work each day. If you do a lot of in-state traveling for skiing or exploring, your answer will likely be different than someone who rarely leaves the city.

We asked our listeners to tell us what roads they would like to avoid on snowy days, and thirteen answers really stood out to us. For the most part, people didn't have many issues with I-84. Smaller roads that lead to smaller cities got the most comments.

One person called one Idaho road a "holy hell" and said that this particular road was nothing more than a sheet of ice. Another person told us that there are roads in Idaho that give them panic attacks when thinking about driving them. Other people are more concerned about the other drivers. Drivers new to driving in the snow are the most concerning for most Idahoans.

Roads that lead to ski resorts had the most extreme answers. At least by the time you get to those places, you know you're going to get some good skiing in with fresh powder!

What Idaho Roads Are The WORST In The Snow?

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