Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for avocados.  We'll eat more of those awesome green fruits on February 3rd than we will any other day this year, so we must spotlight them with the simplest and best recipe ever!

Argue all you want for the guacamoles that are heavy on chunks of other things like onions and tomatoes, but avocado purists will be quick to tell you that you're crazy and the best guacs are the simplest ones where the avocado is the real star.  If you've been known to slice an avocado, take out the pit, add a little salt, and dig right into it with a spoon, you will like this simple little concoction too.

Tweak the ingredients and add a little more or this and little less of that until you get the exact flavor combination that your taste buds desire.  And double or triple the recipe, depending on the size of your football party.  Some of us might quadruple it just for ourselves.

Easy Guacamole:

Two avocados



And stir it up.  That's it!

The texture comes from the chip and not the dip.  We eat it with tortilla chips, rye crisps, and seedy crackers, and sometimes I'll crisp up a flour tortilla in the toaster oven and spread this right on top.  If you want it spicy, go nuts with the Sriracha.  Otherwise just a little will give it just the right amount of kick, and the salt gives it depth.

Go ahead and ruin those precious avocados with hundred-ingredient-guac if you must, but if you give this a try you might find that the avocado purists are onto something with the simplicity.  It's good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  And it's a must-have on a big snack day like Super Bowl Sunday.  We're going to eat 80 million avocados this weekend, and since we already put Sriracha on everything this will be right in our wheelhouse.

I did hear that some Idahoans might be turning to French Onion Dip on Super Bowl Sunday because of an alleged avocado shortage.  Noooo!  Get to the store right now and stock up on avocados.  It's okay to become a hoarder in this case.

Avocados are full of fat, but it's healthy fat so we can feel good about eating tons of them.  Have a great weekend, and go Rams.

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