There's a reason I won't keep snacks in my home, even when we're not in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. It's because like many of you, I'm a boredom snacker. It starts slow. I'll grab a handful of white cheddar Goldfish crackers and set them next to my computer while I'm working on something monotonous. I figure if I eat them one by one, that will satisfy my snack attack without being totally irresponsible. A few minutes later, I'll wander back to the pantry and grab another handful, then repeat. Next thing I know, I've eaten a full bag of Goldfish in one sitting. That's why I'm resisting the urge to stock up on anything beside what I plan on eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner during Governor Little's "Stay Home" order. I don't want to come out on the other side of this thing with an extra 15 pounds on my hips! According to Zippia, a website for job seekers, research shows that quite a few of us will pack on some pounds while we're stuck at home but just how much depends on YOUR habits. They put together a handy calculator to help give you an idea of how much weight you'll gain working from home.

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Just input some crucial data like how many days you'll be quarantined, if you're still exercising, if you're prone to snacking while you're working, your snack of choice, what you're drinking (face it, this staying home thing has made day drinking far more acceptable) and how many drinks you're typically having on daily basis. Push calculate and get your reality check. For now, I'm pretty lucky! Since there's three hours a day that require my husband to use all of our internet, I've been running fairly regularly after work. We're also still in the office here at the station, so I don't have snack food at my disposal. My only bad habit? The amount of beer I'm drinking at home...although, if I stick to two a day I'll only put on 1.8 pounds by the end of April. Want to give it a shot? Click the button below!

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