Would you be ok with a high-school student serving you a tasty alcoholic beverage? That's what is being discussed amongst Idaho lawmakers as of late.

Idaho's current legal age to serve alcohol is 19-years-old, and if the age limit was lowered to 17, that'd make Idaho only the second state in the country to do so.

Why the sudden change? The bill being proposed states:

The current age is 19. This change would help businesses by expanding the labor pool, would help teenagers by creating additional and higher paying jobs, and help customers by cutting down the current wait times when ordering or purchasing these products in restaurants or grocery stores.

Most states in the U.S. have 18-years-old as the legal age to serve alcohol, while only 11 states require a person serving alcohol to be over 18.

The question is, is this actually going to happen? Is your next bartender going to be younger than every member of BTS? How are you going to ask your bartender who they voted for if they can't even legally vote?

While there's no set deadline that we're aware of for a decision to be made, March 25th is the deadline for the current legislature to figure out if they're going to spend part of their $1.9 billion dollar surplus on lowering the legal age to serve alcohol.

Obviously, if you're underage, don't drink alcohol, and don't serve it to others outside of a licensed restaurant or bar. It's super illegal, you will get caught, and it's going to cost you a bunch of money in fines and penalties. So, don't.

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