The workplace is supposed to be a safe space — but it certainly wasn't for one husband who took to Reddit to share how his wife turned up to his job to scream at him in front of his co-workers.

According to the man, his wife of two years has been frequently showing up to his office, berating him in front of his colleagues.

He noted the most recent time she did this she was forcibly removed from his workplace after barging in and screaming at him.

The 33-year-old man wrote that his wife is a "hothead," and their relationship has reached a boiling point.

"Recently she's been coming to my workplace to berate me," he wrote via Reddit. "It's embarrassing and humiliating and has been affecting my job."

He explained he's received multiple warnings about his wife's behavior. Last week, while in the midst of a meeting, his wife allegedly barged into his office and screamed at him for having his phone off.

"I was stunned because my superior and co-workers AND potential clients were there," he continued. "I didn't even move, my superior dealt with it and called security to get her out. My wife started arguing with him telling him she came for me then started urging me to get off my seat and tell them to back off."

Flex Point Security via Unsplash
Flex Point Security via Unsplash

In shock, the husband noted he didn't do anything. "I just watched as security escorted her out. It was horrible because I had a fear that my job was lost," he explained. "She yelled at me repeatedly to get them to stop but she got kicked out eventually."

The guy was told his wife was "no longer allowed" at the office and he was given his "final, last warning."

When he arrived home in the evening, his wife started yelling at him for not defending her and allowing her to get kicked out of the office.

"I finally snapped and said she was over the line [for making] a scene that risked my job over [a] few missed calls," he detailed. "She started crying saying I still should've defended her after getting humiliated in front of my co-workers."

His wife "got more furious" and eventually left and "went to her mom's to stay there."

In the comments, users were shocked by the man's wife's behavior, with many accusing her of being "abusive" and urging him to consider leaving her.

"Your wife isn't a 'hot head,' she's abusive. She's going to violate that ban and get you fired. You need to get out ... these things only escalate," one person wrote, while another commented: "You need a lawyer. And a restraining order. No one deserves to be treated this way. I am so sorry."

"This is a form of abuse and I would take this with a strong understanding that things are getting worse. You never show up to a spouse's place of work like that," another offered, while a fourth advised him to "let her stay at her mom's while you work on getting divorce papers served."

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