Nothing can be more frustrating than reaching for that gallon and milk and finding out it has already spoiled.

Although a gallon or half gallon of milk may fit perfectly on the fridge door, it turns out that is the worst possible place to store it.

The door is the warmest spot in your fridge. Every time you open the door you are exposing all the goods to what is possibly the warmest room in your house — especially if using the stove, oven or during winter months.

Warmer temperatures may cause the liquid to curdle before you have the chance to consume it, potentially allowing for harmful bacteria to grow.

Tessa Clarke, from the food-sharing app OLIO, suggests that in order to maximize the shelf life of milk, you should store it in "the back of the fridge where it's the coldest," and on the lowest possible shelf, according to Dublin Live.

Hot air rises, so upper shelves potentially could be a few degrees hotter than the lower ones.

She also states that milk "can be frozen," but the bottle should only be three-quarters full "to allow for expansion in the freezer."

Clarke also gives other useful tips to avoid excessive waste.

She recommends buying bread whole rather than "sliced" and storing it in an "airtight container in your kitchen."

Ello via Unsplash
Ello via Unsplash

Clarke also suggests wrapping bananas "in tinfoil or a beeswax wrap" to keep them from browning too fast.

If you have leftover cake from a party, she claims if you store the "cake with a slice of bread on top, [because] the bread will dry out but the cake beneath will remain moist."

She also recommends everyone to have a specific "eat me" shelf in your fridge that will help you "focus your mind on consuming the food that needs to be eaten first."

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