Where Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were spotted in the Gem State.  The special advisors to President Trump attended the annual Allen & Company retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho.  The list of entrepreneurs, business owners, and global elite never disappoint local businesses.  The Idaho Mountain Press reports that they were over eighty-five private plans valued between sixty five and eighty five million dollars each.

Another report from the paper, has Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg biking around town.  Here's a list of the who showed up at Sun Valley from Business Insider.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could convince them to visit the Treasure Valley while there here?  Ever wonder if it's worth the trip up to see or interact with the big shots?

One man actually travels from California every year searching for advice on how to make money.  He stationed himself in Ketchum litteraly holding a sign with Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg's names on it asking for guidance.  Has it worked?

Dushime Gashugi, the Californian Entrepreneur, tells CNBC he has met several important world financial leaders.  No word on whether or not he had a chance to speak to Ivanka or Jared.

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