By now, you know that we love answering the "tough questions" our listeners have about what's happening here in the Treasure Valley and throughout the rest of the Gem State. Carrie H. sent us this Facebook post from actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and asked us to investigate. 

Whether you fell in love with him while he was starring on the big screen in 500 Days of Summer, Inception or 10 Things I Hate About You or on the small screen in, 3rd Rock from the Sun, we can agree he's adorable right? That's part of the reason we jumped right into finding trying to track down the answer to Carrie's question.

Turns out in addition to being a great actor, Joseph Godron-Levitt and his brother launched an effort called "HitRecord" in 2005. Over the next few years, it evolved into a platform where creators could collaborate and produce content TOGETHER. It's really meant to be the opposite of TikTok or other platforms where content creators are out to showcase themselves and only themselves.

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HitRecord allows creators to create all sorts of projects like music videos, short films, voice over artists, graphic art or animation and then solicit for other creators to submit their work to be part of the finished project. That work could include voice overs, photos, videos, etc.  If HitRecord ends up monetizing the project, all the contributors involved in the project get a paycheck for their work. Gordon-Levitt actually credits working on short films through that platform for preparing him to direct his first film, Don Jon. 

The link in the Facebook post that Carrie sent us appears to be a solicit for one of the creators on HitRecord that Gordon-Levitt is trying to drum up content for. The project created by user "oxthemoron" is called "Our United States." The project overview reads:

"Let's celebrate our great American states! Check out the open prompts to join in and create something to share what you love about your state."

The project is labeled as "custom" so we're not entirely sure what "oxthemoron" has in mind as a final vision, but he's looking for people to submit cool photos of Idaho, a written summary of why you love Idaho in five words, videos showing what makes Idaho unique and voice over work either saying "Idaho, the Gem State" or "Our United States." If you want to contribute to it, you can respond to the prompts by clicking HERE. At press time, less than 100 pieces of Idaho content have been submitted.

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We're really new to the platform, so it hard to search for an example of a finished HitRecord project. We eventually stumbled across one that was AMAZING in Gordon-Levitt's YouTube series Create Together: With Me. It was a concept for a music video launched by music teacher, Ben Perez. He'd written a line of music and voiced a letter to his students reflecting on the difficult school year they'd been through. He invited other HitRecord creators to submit certain scripted voice scripts, unscripted advice for the Class of 2020, videos of virtual proms/graduations/school spirit celebrations, art and more. A HitRecord contributor eventually edited the content from 145 other contributors together for this final music video that begins at about 8:45 of this video.

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