We can't help but feel like we've seen Boise State's newest cornerbacks coach somewhere before...somewhere totally not football related.

We'll get to see the 2018 Boise State Broncos Football team for the first time at the Spring Game on Saturday, April 14.  Until then, the guys are working hard on The Blue and getting to know some of the new faces on the field.  One of those new faces is cornerbacks coach, Jeff Popovich, who Coach Harsin snagged from the Indianapolis Colts.

The guy looks awfully familiar to me and considering my extent of NFL watching ends with watching the Cleveland Browns lose week in and week out, I certainly didn't recognize him from the Colts sidelines. Was it from the time he spent coaching at University of Texas San Antonio, Florida International or Miami? Well, I certainly follow a lot more college football than professional, but that wasn't it either.

And that's when it hit me! He's the "Tire Guy" from the very first season of The Bachelorette that followed Trista Rehn's journey to endless love with now husband of 15 years, Ryan Sutter.  During one of the three group dates that happened during week two, the camper trailer taking Jeff, four other men and Trista to their date got a flat tire.  Instead of letting producers cancel their date, Jeff stepped up, stripped off his t-shirt and changed the tire.  In the very early days of reality TV, that shirtless moment gave him fifteen minutes of fame off the football field. (He had played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons in the preseason, but never made a final NFL roster.) By the way, because the episode is now 15 years old, this isn't a spoiler - Trista still cut him loose at the end of the episode.  While his abs were impressive, their five year age difference wasn't. In an interview with KIVI-TV, he totally down played being part of the show.

The funniest part about his stint on The Bachelorette? It wasn't even his idea to try out for the show!  According to the Sun Sentinel, producers originally approached his brother Dug about being on the show.  The Abercromie and Fitch model politely turned them down since he was in a relationship, but suggested they approach Jeff since he was single...and had also modeled for the clothing chain.

Ladies, push your jaws back up.  He's off the market. Jeff's now happily married to his wife Lara and has two adorable daughters.

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