Since moving to Star eight years ago, I've witnessed drivers by the dozens dismiss Idaho's Move Over Law. Even worse, in order for this to be the case, drivers must exercise the audacity to do it in front of law enforcement and first responders. Coming from a family of firefighters and police officers, it is, in my humble opinion, one of the most wreckless and selfish traffic violations a driver can commit.

Photo by why kei on Unsplash
Photo by why kei on Unsplash

Enacted in 2006, reports the law was spurred by the tragic deaths of first responders killed in the line of duty while responding to emergencies. Apart from Washington, D.C., every state in the nation is subject to a Move Over Law that varies from state to state. In light of the Gem State's abrupt population increase, perhaps a quick refresher would help us all. 

The Idaho Move Over Law

The Idaho Move Over Law (49-624) is cut and dry. When nearing the flashing lights of a stationary authorized first responder vehicle, motorists are required to abide by the following protocols:

  1. If you're traveling on a highway with two or more lanes moving in the same direction, safely & immediately reduce your speed below the posted speed limit & proceed with care. When traveling in a lane adjacent to a stationary first responder vehicle or a tow truck with flashing lights, safely & immediately change lanes.
  2. If you're traveling on a two-lane highway where each lane moves in a direction, safely & immediately reduce your speed below the posted speed limit until you've passed the stationary first responder vehicle or tow truck with flashing lights.

To reference the Move Over Law in its entirety, visit the official website of the Idaho Legislature here.

Vehicles Classified As Emergency Vehicles in Idaho

  • Law enforcement vehicles
  • Authorized emergency vehicles like fire trucks & ambulances
  • Authorized tow trucks
  • Roadway emergency response vehicles
Photo by Acton Crawford on Unsplash
Photo by Acton Crawford on Unsplash

Fines & Penalties for Breaking the Idaho Move Over Law

  • Motorists convicted for failure to comply with the law will be issued a traffic ticket, a fine in the amount of $90, and the Department of Motor Vehicles will assess points to their driver's record.
  • Motorists have the right to refute traffic tickets in court. Visit to learn more about the process.

Drive with care, friends.

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