We recently received this letter from Tiffany:

Good Morning!

My father is coming in to town to visit and my kids asked if grandpa could get a hotel with a swimming pool. As requested grandpa did. After realizing I got rid of the my youngest who is 4 turning 5 in Feb bathing suit last week while cleaning out her room we headed to Walmart on Overland to pick one up. As we where standing in line getting ready to pay a very kind gentleman told the cashier to ring my daughter's bathing suit up with his stuff. It caught me so off guard I as speechless and when I did pull myself together to Thank him all I could do was mumble over my words. He said, all I ask is you pay it forward. I think I said yes of course and thanked the man again and turned to walk out of the store. I turned back around and shook the nice gentleman's hand.

I'm contacting you with this story because I forgot the have my daughter say thank you due to my shock and the joy of his kind gesture. I just wanted to see if you could share my story with hopes that this kind gentleman hears how grateful myself as well as my daughter is for his actions last night. Haven't been able to sleep due to I forgot to have my daughter thank him. So to the kind gentleman who paid for my daughter's bathing suit last night at the Walmart off overland, thank you from myself as well as my daughter. I will pay it forward as asked. You are such a kind soul. Our world could use many more of you!

Thank you for your help on this. I know you are very busy but you two came to mind when I couldn't sleep last night to share my story. I love listening to the both of you on my drive to drop off kids and head into work. Have a wonderful day!

Thank you for the kind words Tiffany!   Please leave a comment below if you think you know who this mystery shopper could be.

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