Earlier this year, COVID-19 yanked thousands of employees across the Treasure Valley out of their regular workplaces. After months of being apart, those returning to work were excited to see their co-workers again...but with the return of the workforce to the office, came the return of the biggest workplace sin. 

In late March, our company sent everyone beside the on-air staff from LITE-FM and our sister stations home. It wasn't until June that we welcomed back everyone from our sales staff, digital department and other supporting roles. I love everyone that we work with, but I'll admit I enjoyed the quieter work environment...and the safety of my lunch.

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So, I'm a little lazy when it comes to making sure I eat at work. I order from Uber Eats frequently. To justify the delivery fees and avoid small order fees, I'll order enough items to last me three days. On Friday, I ordered a personal sized pizza, macaroni and cheese and Sicilian meatballs from Flatbread. I ate the pizza and labeled the leftovers.

I had the macaroni yesterday and planned on eating the meatballs today. I was SHOCKED to see the bag with my name on it and the container of meatballs missing from the break room fridge this morning. Before jumping to conclusions, I waited until our receptionist came in so I could her ask if she'd done a fridge clean out like she'll do from time to time when things get a little stinky.

She hadn't.

Someone STOLE my meatballs. I thought they'd just thrown them away, but Linda did a little more digging and found THIS in the trash.

Michelle's lunch 2
Michelle's lunch 1

Someone took the bag with my name on it out of the fridge, opened the brown box, took the smaller box of meatballs out and threw away the garlic bread. Not only was I so hungry, but so sad that someone took my lunch on what I knew was going to be a busy day. I don't think that anyone in our office is going through that difficult of a time where they really needed a free meal.

If they really needed it, I hope it was yummy and fulfilling. I would've still ate the garlic bread, though. It didn't need to go to waste.

I have to ask...who does this?! Be honest. I can't track who you are.

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