Aside from what Hollywood and the fashion runways make it look, the "Man bun" has to be the most idiotic look for men, since gauged ears.  Brenda and I keep having conversations on the "Man Bun." She says there are some guys who look good with it. I on the other hand think a regular, "Guy Cut" looks better on any guy.  Can you imaging George Clooney or Brad Pitt with a "Man Bun," how about Donald Trump?

Our youngest son, Kody and I were at Axiom doing a workout, when we saw this guy walk in. Now aside from the face that he was lifting wrong (ever since I had a trainer drill how to properly lift into my head, I notice, I don't say anything, but I do notice), he was sporting....A Man Bun" and it wasn't a "Man Bun" because he had long hair, it was his style.

man bun

I had to get a picture to prove that the "Man Bun" should never, ever be worn by Joe Average in public.  It's kind of like fashion straight off the runway, sure it looks OK on the models, but on the street, it's a whole other thing.  Nothing says "What did you lose a bet" to me than a guy in a "Man Bun."  Wait, let me add to that Nothing says "What did you lose a bet" to me than a guy with gauged ears, a nose ring and a "Man Bun."

I wonder what the other guy would have had to do if he had lost his bet.

Kevin Mee

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