And do you even need one?

This Saturday, I'm up to host the monthly craft night that I do with a few of my girlfriends.  One of the rules of craft night is that the host has to pick what we're making for the month.  As one of the masterminds at the Treasure Valley's Official Christmas Music Station, you know that I'm picking something Christmas themed.

While I was searching for ideas, I stumbled upon Independent's list of top Pinterest Christmas Trends for 2018. Scrolling down the list, I was familiar with everything until I reached a "Christmas Tree Collar." Searches for them are up 381% over the last few months and I didn't have any idea what in the world it is.

Turns out that it's a fancier, more intense way to cover up the base of your tree, artificial or live, than a traditional tree skirt. It completely encases the ugly plastic and screws on the tree stand you're using to anchor the tree.  I love the wrinkle free, modern look of the tree collars, but dang are they expensive!

The cheapest one they have in stock at Treasure Valley Target stores is $34.99 and is part of Chip and Joanna Gaines's Heart & Hand with Magnolia collection. Lowe's is just as pricey.  They've got a silver metal snowflake collar or a plastic weave collar in stock for $34.98 at the Boise store.

Home Depot has the rock bottom price in our area, selling a burlap collar for $16.98...but IMO, it doesn't look nearly as nice as the others and is still more than I'd spend to cover the bottom of my tree.  I'll continue using the same tree skirt I've been using since I was a little girl with a small tree in my bedroom.

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