"ok, boise, Idaho is beautiful" 

It was in that second, that everyone NOT familiar with the Gold Over America Tour realized that the most decorated gymnast of all time was visiting the Treasure Valley. That realization came with a lot of invites!

Idaho Steelheads forward, Colby McAuley, invited her to show us what she could do on skates by getting on the ice with the Steelies as they prepare for the new season. Associated Students of Boise State University president, Kenneth Huston, offered to show her around campus in the famous Boise State helmet car. VooDoo Daddy, one of the most well known BSU superfans in the Treasure Valley, tried to get her connected with Athletic Director, Jeremiah Dickey, to check out The Blue.

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Did she or team of all-star gymnasts take up any of these folks on their invitations or suggestions? We didn't see them do any of those things, but looking through their social media accounts, it seems like Simone and the rest of the ladies did visit some iconic Boise locations!

MyKayla Skinner, who had one of the most inspiring stories of the Tokyo games, posted some photos from Freak Alley. Of course, they chose to pose in front of this mural paying tribute to the Olympic Games. Fellow Olympians Jade Carey and Grace McCallum tagged along, as did company dancer Alexia Myer.

We're guessing that Simone's bestie, Jordan Chiles, found a Dutch Bros while she was here. She let fans ask questions via her Insta stories. One of them asked what her go-to Dutch order was. If you want to drink like this Olympic superstar next time you roll through, order a blended Shark Attack.

Viral sensation Katelyn Ohashi posted a photo from the patio at 10 Barrel. She and a few members of dance company then took a stroll down 8th Street. That was a photo that Malece Miller of So You Think You Can Dance fame, shared on her Insta story.

Miller also snapped a photo of the Boise River from the Broadway bridge, while Ellie Black of Team Canada, shared her encounter with a Greenbelt goose in Julia Davis Park on her story.

And Chellsie Memmel? The 33 year-old mom of two and 2008 Olympic silver medalist recently came out of retirement and is showing everyone that she's still got it. In fact, she showed off some of those skills during a hike at Camel's Back Park. She did a handstand on one of the rocks and pistol squat on one the fences.

This was all leading up to an UNFORGETTABLE night at ExtraMile Arena, where Simone and her team put on an incredible show. They invited dozens of young fans out onto the floor to perform the finale dance with them!

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