A few weeks ago, we dove into the most recent set of Google Street View pictures taken in Boise during the summer of 2021. Seeing how much Boise has changed over the span of 10 years was pretty jarring, especially for those of us who endured a maze of orange cones and watched those buildings go up slowly!

Time traveling on Google Maps is fun, but unfortunately the car can’t drive through what’s quite possibly the most unique space in Downtown Boise - Freak Alley Gallery!

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The outdoor art gallery started with a single mural that Colby Akers painted on the back alley door of Moon’s Cafe (when it was located where Even Steves is today) in 2002. The mural was well received by neighboring businesses who wanted to expand the artwork to their walls as well. Over time, the artwork kept growing and started to include pieces from local artists. It crept along the walls of the alley stretching from 8th to 9th Street between Idaho and Bannock.

Eventually, the gallery spilled over to the walls of the parking lot next to present day Even Stevens. (It’s wild to see nothing on the walls there in the 2007 Google Street View photos.) Traditionally, the murals get refreshed once every summer, usually in August. However, certain legacy pieces have been there for years.

While Google Street view hasn’t been able to catch the ever changing murals over the years, people with cameras have and thanks to the magic of the internet, we can time travel and see what was in Freak Alley almost a decade ago.

We stumbled across this video of what the murals looked like in 2013 on YouTube. How many of them do you remember?

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