We've got a three day weekend coming up, so why not get out in the foothill and enjoy Idaho's natural beauty?

I really wanted to call this article "how to see pretty flowers without grating your knee so bad that it looks like ground beef."  Most of you know that I'm a runner, so you might be shocked when I tell you that I normally avoid the foothills trails like the plague.  Is there something wrong with them? No. I'm a clutz and Superman-ed over a rock, down Sidewinder at full speed and destroyed the skin on my knee.  That was two years ago and I still have the absolutely most gnarly scar in the world from the fall.  So, I'm content to run the much safer (for me) Greenbelt instead.

But I'll admit, I'm kind of bummed that I miss out on the gorgeous scenery the trails provide every spring.  According to the folks at Ridge to Rivers, we're in the prime season to see beautiful shades of purple and white from lupine plants.  You'll also get to see some really pretty yellow, daisy looking flowers on arrowleaf balsamroot plants dotting the foothills.

This is the season where many high school students are taking their senior pictures or couples are looking for the right place for their wedding photos, so we wanted to pass along which trails have the best view of these flowers! Hopefully, they become the backdrop for some of your best Idaho memories.

Best Trails for Wild Flowers (Click the name of the trail to see a map of it!)

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