Is there anything more American than a Cowboy? Especially in the Western United States, the Cowboy is a beloved hero. He's the good guy. Most states in the West are in the midst of rodeo season. Crowds go to rodeos to watch the Cowboys. Well, some faculty members at a Western College have an issue with the slogan, 'the world needs more Cowboys.'

The University of Wyoming is home to the Cowboy mascot. The mascot is beloved throughout the country. However, a certain number of UW faculty have gone public complaining that the new slogan is sexist, promotes a white, heterosexual stereotype, reports the Casper Star Tribune.

Other members of the great Wyoming and Cowboy community have expressed their support for the program.  University officials tell the paper that they support the slogan.  They've reached out to local high school student surveying their views on the slogan.  Look for this issue to continue to get regional and national attention.


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