TikTok has taken over the internet.

Of course, along with these platforms come the infamous "challenges".  You see people attempting to kick bottle caps off of coke bottles with their foot--just to name one.

Little did I know that on Friday evening, I would be the target (for the second time) of a TikTok "challenge" that makes absolutely no sense.

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Remember when people were throwing slices of cheese at babies faces? Yeah, I can't make this up.

Then of course, it had to go further once the internet got their hands on it.  Jimmy Kimmel actually had people throw cheese slices at their dad's faces for Father's Day.

But now, the cheese is making its way onto the streets of Downtown Boise. Apparently throwing slices of Kraft Cheese at cars is now a thing. This is the second time that this has happened to me while driving our station vehicle.  WHY THOUGH!?

I was talking about this in the hallway at work and a co-worker mentioned that it happened to him too.

I can tell you, first hand, that removing this cheese from the scorching hot window was nothing short of a challenge. The melted cheese was getting everywhere, I had to use a ton of water, half of a bottle of Windex, and there are STILL streaks on the glass.


Have you found slices of Kraft cheese on your vehicle lately? Better yet...have you had a slice of Kraft cheese FLUNG across the street while at a stoplight, only to conveniently slap right onto your windshield while driving, like I have?!

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